Twitter Marketing: Why Blogging Tasks Can Be Profitable?

Blogging tasks can be profitable, if you tackle it in properly. I typically get paid 2 or three times for one article. And, on a few parties, I’ve gotten paid 4 times for one post. Following is exactly how I handle to eject additional dollars from one blog post. Try to include this into your freelance creating company to make it that far more successful to buy Twitter followers.

I have one customer who owns a web marketing firm. He usually commissions exactly what we call blog collections. In this instance, it suggests a three-for-one post. I will compose one post for him, and then rewrite it 2 additional times. Same information; simply different phrasing to ensure that it passes Copyscape (know much more regarding this at

I charge him one fee for the preliminary article; what I call the expert. Then, I bill your man a reduced rate for both rewrites. This is how I handle earn 3 times to create one blog post. After that, if he wants these blog posts uploaded to a post directory site, I will charge him another charge to do that. This delivers the marvelous total amount to 4 fees for one article. I write on everything from insurance policy to economic solutions for this customer, and the posts are in the 250-350 word variety. The blog posts generally take anywhere from 45 minutes to a hr and a fifty percent. That’s to write all three and accept a minimum of one article directory. And, I average concerning $60 for this.

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