Twitter Marketing: Incent Dot Ly Requirements

Just like I have told you last time as the one who buy Twitter followers, I will be telling you about the requirements being needed to apply for the Incent Dot Ly affiliate account. Are you now excited to learn more about this one? If you are indeed God damn excited for this one, let us try to know what the hell are these requirements that we used to talk about. Without further ado, here are some requirements that we really need as a certified Twitter marketer for good. I think this would be very important for you to know all about this thing.

When you are about to apply for this incentive network, I would just like to make sure that you are already aware of the things that are allowed and not allowed by any incentive CPA network, just like the Incent Dot Ly CPA network for incentive marketers. Take note that there are some methods out there that does require you to do this and to do that, but there are other methods that do not allow you for such things. If you are not going to be aware of that, you will be God damn sorry for what you have simply done as a Twitter marketer.

You need to have a ready made website that can be used for incentive marketing, especially if you are into the world of viral and social marketing. Not only that, you should also have an ability to know about content lockers.

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