Stay Away From Discouragement As A Twitter Marketer

What happens if someone scolded you not to do this or do that? Are you going to accept it like no other? For me, I think it really depends on the situation that you have in the family, school or even at office work. In other words, I would be calling that as a discouragement. For example, if you are passionate to play basketball, and your parents want you to play baseball, that is what we call discouragement. They do not believe that you have such skills and passion to play basketball, so I want you to do is just ignore the discouragement that they had for you.

The same thing goes for us as Twitter marketers. If we are getting discouraged to buy Twitter followers, are we going to listen to them. For me, I think not unless you have found some evidence or proof that the existing buyers are satisfied from the service that they buy. But there are still some people who are scolding or telling you that their service was the “worst”. I think you may treat those who discouraged you as “haters”, because they are just too jealous, or even they are one of the competitors of the current Twitter service that you are dealing with.

So let me just give you a simple advice for Twitter marketers. I would just like to tell you again that discouragements are not good options for Twitter marketers. We just have to stay positive and be able to accept the challenge.

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