Is It Necessary To Work More Hours On Our Twitter Campaigns?

Going back into the previous article, I did talked about spending most of your time just to perfect a Twitter campaign. Of course, you have been able to buy Twitter followers during that time. I would really suppose that you should be spending lots of hours every single day, in order that you hope to become a successful Twitter marketer like the others. For now, I am just going to ask you one simple question once again. I know that this is really simple, but I may consider this very important for you as a Twitter marketer. Are you ready?

My real God damn question is that how many hours you have spent on your Twitter marketing campaigns? Are you spending like eight hours a day just like the regular employees? Or are you spending more than that anyway? Well for me, I have spent more than eight hours a day just to experiment the different campaigns that I had on Twitter. Why is it necessary for me to spend more time on this one? It is simply because Twitter marketing was already considered as a business portal. It simply means that if it is a business portal, we should do anything to succeed by spending a lot of time with it.

As businessmen, we should be able to have some hardcore attitude to spend most of our time, trying to make it very successful in the long run. The same thing goes to us as Twitter marketers, and we should be serious about it.

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