Bookmark Your Website or Blog With Twitter

Now you already know that Twitter was already a social bookmark for the ones that we are able to buy Twitter followers, I think you know what is coming next to us right now. Without further ado, the next topic that I simply like you to learn about is on how you are going to bookmark your website very well into the eyes of both Twitter and Google like no other. I think it would be very easy for you to bookmark the website or blog in just some few steps, but I would really take some extra measure about this opportunity for good.

Shall we get started to know how to bookmark the websites and blogs that we have right now as Twitter and internet marketers like no other. To start things off, I want you to copy the website or blog URL in your address bar. Since Twitter may allow you to have some long links, I think it is not really good enough to have you write some more detailed tweet to your own followers. Oh well, I think it looks like that you will be able to do this by simply go to a URL shortening website called the Bit.Ly.

All you need to do was simply cloak it with Bit.Ly, let it generate and BOOM! You finally got the URL shortened in order to be shared to your Twitter followers. As what I have seen, you can simply optimize your own tweet in order to get some search traffic.

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